Buyer Beware | Franchise Hearing Aids

reNew Hearing® sells hearing aids made by the "major manufactures", who distribute over 450 different brands! Unlike the "franchise" retailers who "brand" the manufactures hearing aids as their own (see partial list at end of page), our patients may have their hearing aids serviced at any authorized retailer around the world should the need arise. A "franchise" hearing aid must be serviced by the franchise it was purchased from.

Should you ever find yourself with a "franchise" aid in need of service and franchise is not a reasonable distance from you, please call us as you do have options the franchise industry does not want you to know.
The Hearing Journal
reNew Hearing started out as franchise (purchased 2008 under a different franchise name) in part because statistically 80% of franchises succeed.  It took us a year and half to be free of the franchise, and their - in our opinion - unethical deceptive business practices. This profession is NOT a "Sales" Profession!! 

At reNew Hearing we believe the patient's best interest/hearing health comes first and foremost, all else will follow - period.

Below is a Franchise ad that ran in the publication "The Hearing Journal".

"It is our belief that we sell better hearing, not hearing aids, and we know that supporting hearing aid distribution through big box retail is a path toward the further commoditization of hearing aids. This commoditization is not the right direction for our industry, and most importantly, is not beneficial for those we serve."  Brandon L. Sawalich,  Senior Vice President, Starkey Hearing Technologies.

We couldn't agree more...

Franchise Hearing Aid Reference List

The following is a partial list of hearing aids that are called "franchise" hearing aids. They are made by major manufacturers, but are sold under different "
branded" labels... over 450 different brands!

Audibel , AudioSync, Audigy (AGX)MicroTech & NuEar Hearing Aids made by Starkey

Audigy (AGX) made by Oticon

Miracle Ear  made by SivantosHeadquarters Singapore
1/15/15 licensed name Siemens 

Signia made by Sivantos
Headquarters Singapore1/15/15 licensed name Siemens

Rexton  made by SivantosHeadquarters Singapore1/15/15 licensed name Siemens

Kirkland Signature  made by SivantosHeadquarters Singapore1/15/15 licensed name Siemens

Costco "Open Fit"  made by  Bernafon 

Costco/"  made by  Sonova 

EARQ, HEARX (HearUSA may operate as HEARx or HEARx West), SONUS, AVADA (does not disclose or show their hearing aids on-line)  & AUDIGY  multiple products made by major manufacturers.

Middle-man (third party) companies partial list

(*We are providers of most of the following - reNew Hearing is under contract with the third parties, you will be their patient).

(Short Term Solution, Limited Short Term Savings) you purchase your hearing aids from the "Benefits" company, you are a patient of the "Middle-man" company and they refer you to a provider who they pay directly under their limited terms and agreements. You soon will be paying for followup visits. Should you need a factory repair you will be dealing with the "Benefits" company, not the hearing provider!

With reNew Hearing (Long Term Solution, Long Term Savings) your hearing is first and foremost, and can provide better services, unlimited visits under warranty, better warranty's, and hearing aid discounts (40%-75% off MSRP)
 - before signing up with a "Benefits" company, call to compare!

1) Amplifon USA (Italian owned company) is parent company to four (4) of North America's providers of hearing instruments and services:
 *Amplifon, formerly HearPO
 *Elite Hearing Network

2) *American Hearing Benefits is (USA owned) Starkey Hearing Technologies

3) *Epic Hearing is a (USA) Board of Directors and team of employees.

4) HealthInnovations is UnitedHealth Group company - sells low end (sound through a clear tube) hearing aids.

5) Right Hear Network is Sonova


TruHearing, Inc. 9071 S. 1300 West #100, West Jordan, Utah 84088

7) is Sivantos (Made in Singapore)- Licencing the name Siemens - (Manufacturer for franchise Miracle-Ear owned by Amplifon)

8) Hear in America is owned (USA) by HEAR IN AMERICA INC. 

9) EarQ Family Hearing Plan major shareholder Ed Keller refers to providers who sell their "Franchise branded" aids made by Starkey, Oticon & GN ReSound.

Internet Sales Policy

Hearing aids are medical devices, and as such they need to be prescribed and fitted by someone trained and qualified to do this. Buying a hearing aid without an initial face-to-face consultation, professional fitting, and subsequent follow-ups could result in you purchasing an ineffective hearing instrument for your loss, or worse, damaging your hearing further. Additionally the consultation includes an examination which can highlight other serious ear health conditions. For these reasons, reNew Hearing does not endorse Internet Retailers who will sell instruments to customers without a face-to-face consultation, and most hearing aid manufacturers will not supply those retailers

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