Free CaptionCall Home Telephone

Why CaptionCall?

Because hearing loss shouldn't mean losing touch.

With the CaptionCall Solution, talking on the phone is stress-free. This comprehensive solution includes:

  • A state-of-the-art, captioning-enabled CaptionCall Phone
  • Free, nearly instant captioning with the CaptionCall Service
  • CaptionCall Support for friendly, ongoing customer assistance

It’s all part of our innovative solution to help you get more from your conversations—and from life.

Also available for iPad!




FCC logo

The Federal Communications Commission has requirements to use captioned telephone service. 

How to Receive CaptionCall for FREE
  • reNew Hearing will summit a professional certification certifying your hearing loss and need for captioned telephone service.

  • Must self-certify that you have a medically recognized hearing loss that necessitates use of captioned telephone service.

  • High-speed internet and a landline telephone are required to use the service. Call for tips if don't have one or both.

  • "Snowbirds" can stay connected. Take CaptionCall with you, a CaptionCall representative will setup your phone for FREE!

There is no charge for delivery, installation or ongoing customer support.

Click here for more information about CaptionCall company.
Best advice, try before you buy!

The suggested retail value of the CaptionCall phone is $199.

Call today or email for your Free consultation!
NH (603) 319-1701

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